What’s The Business sales Property?

The phrase which is also seen at a used car store and a food store “business sale” and the word I say… “business sale” are sale of traders and are that it isn’t sold directly targeted for the general way.

Real estate market also changes after Riemann shock, and to be watched tends also to buy it at these days’ real estate market in a general way recently, and is a real estate selling property. Person’s general participant is also increased this real estate selling property, and successful price tendered will be also a high price, and the person who buys it at the price near the market price seems to be increasing at a certain metropolis, too.

Real estate company is the “Reins” etc. which is a shared professional site by our site, and the previous information on the scene in other words a real estate agent get a real estate, and a general market has much commercialized previous information (stocking information). The stocking information is a business sales property.

Why is there much business sales property information?

Why is there much business sales property information in our site?
That’s because buy business is being performed by us. I choose grapevine from a lawyer, a servicer, a major real estate agency company and some real estate company with which you’re associating from the past and get correct information.

What kind of property is it concretely?

A business sales property for example…

  • Optional sell property
  • Bankruptcy property
  • Credit processing property
  • The property which is secret and is punished for vendor’s convenience
  • Loss cut property of vendor traders
  • Psychological flaw property
And a site is sold by a real estate buy company to a wide property as an apartment site and a house built for sale site. One hundred million units of profit property (one house apartment and one house building) is often sold for only business sale.

What are the merit and a demerit?

There are no guarantees of the flaw of the land and the building where I have no survey maps for which a loan can’t be used for purchase method of a business sales property, the settlement until it’s bought, it’s short, there is also a demerit part. But it can be bought more inexpensively than its part market price. There is also a property by which loan use is possible as the purchase condition by the part. It’s similar to acquisition method and the acquisition condition of a selling property.

Can a general person buy it?

A mail member became possible to buy a business sales property at the same buy condition as a real estate agent. Of course, there is also a profit property of 20% exceeding at downtown for profit property surface yield 10%. When land and housing are also cash purchase, it can be bought more inexpensively.

Mail members are a best buy through our site for us, it’s felt with the biggest happiness to be able to encounter the lift property you can appreciate.

Please take care of us who will also treat the biggest business sales property in Japan with future.