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“Cheap buy property can not be found …”
To you, I will tell you a secret Tokusuru that lamented!
Auction properties even in the current real estate situation that has become impossible to bid at a cheap price, … If you look for bargain properties

Leave it to us! !

It is obtained in industry sales listing!

Etc. come around to our “not out in the real estate secondary market with the seller of the circumstances property” and “property not listed in the real estate company dedicated search site”, difficult to purchase properties that transmitted to everyone people in up to now (industry sales properties) it will carry out large release information in a member like limited.

Full secret of property! !

How Are cheap What business sales listing?

Usually, industry sales listing is we are trading at 40% to 80% of the price on the market. Real estate company is buying it, we have distributed to the general market and commercialization. Since the standard sales price of the property auction is set at about 70% position in the market price, it is often more of industry sales property can be purchased cheaply!

Industry sales listing free mail delivery!

Free delivery any sale information real estate sales listing center was collected from real estate companies and financial institutions, real estate investment property information, the information, and the like, such as possible discount to the purchase price in confidence in the property of Rains posted a member like limited! (About once every two weeks) real estate other than e-mail magazine comes out because the fun is also doubled!

Also looking for common using the real estate search site, there is no information as to introduce in our company! Without having to search on a computer, so the deals listing that matches your desired condition regularly to automatic distribution, real estate looking for easy and secure.

E-mail magazine member registration, no cost at all.

Real estate information in circulation can not be too much also generally discount. But discount information in confidence is present, those who catch the information we have to buy real estate deals.

We want will be a marriage of those who want to sell high even a little with people you want to buy cheap, even a little. Why do not we realized by the Company.

Let ‘s to share the joy.

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