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We deliver profitable property information to you periodically!

We deliver the optional sell information they were gathered from real estate company and a financial institution, real estate investment information and the information being secret by a property of carrying of lanes, and such as can even reduce the price of the buy price, etc. for free of charge by member limitation! (About once per 2 weeks)
Even all except for an e-mail magazine goes out to a real estate property, so the pleasure is also doubling!
Even if I don’t search by a PC, profitable property information which matches the request condition is delivered automatically periodically.

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※ Property information doesn't sometimes reach the free mail by which it's for yahoo,hotmail,msn,goo,infoseek.
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1. When buying a real estate at us from now on, a real estate for sale of traders is introduced directly, so it can be bought more inexpensively than the real estate where I circulate in a market. Sometimes also to get grapevine of a property from manifoldness, it'll be the regular price based on the contract reward which has set broker's commission as real estate business and the case that you agree to pay a consumption tax for the time of agreement separately (3 % + 60,000 yen), so put and give me acceptance.

2. A property of the part and warranty against defects immunity from responsibility is also in the introduction property about a building and land for a real estate for sale of traders, so put and give me acceptance.

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