【For Sale】Apartment 9 minutes on foot from TX line "Aoi Station" 1 new apartment building

Floor plan

One new apartment building Annual income 895.2 million yen 7.45% surface yield Rent 49,000 yen-59,000 yen (inc […]

Full occupancy during the surface yield
Current yield
Location 東京都足立区青井6
Traffic つくばエクスプレス青井Station 9-minute walk
Built 2020/5/31 New / Secondhand New
Size 265.61m² Measurement system
balcony Direction
Stories 3  Floors
Room number Total units / number of partitions
Building structure wooden construction
Floor content          
Garage and Parking   Trade aspect Agency
Delivery time / Move time Consultation Current state Incomplete
Land category Use district Category I residential district
Land area 190.77m² Land area measurement system
Building coverage 60% Floor space index 200%
Land rights Ownership Contact road situation
Contact road direction1 South Contact road frontage1 6m
Contact road type1 Public road Contact the road width1 m
Surrounding environment
  • 都市ガス
  • 公営水道
  • 排水下水

Property No. 2020011405

One new apartment building
Annual income 895.2 million yen
7.45% surface yield
Rent 49,000 yen-59,000 yen (including common service expenses)
1K x 14 units (Room 205 with 3F loft)
* Rent guarantee is available 10% rent exemption period 2 months
A quiet residential area


Auto lock, gas stove, curtain rail, screen door, air conditioner, picture rail
Lighting equipment, 3F loft, mini refrigerator, indoor laundry, bathroom dryer, flooring
・ Pair sash ・ Separate bathroom ・ Internet

(日本語) このエリアの物件情報

  • new
    [:ja]日暮里舎人ライナー「谷在家駅」徒歩10分新築1棟アパート[:en]Nippori Tatejin Liner `` Yanaike Station '' 10 minutes walk Newly built 1 apartment[:zh]Nippori Tatejin Liner``Yanaike Station''步行10分钟新建1套公寓[:]9495万円 1K
    足立区 皿沼3-9

  • new
    [:ja]TX線「六町駅」徒歩11分新築1棟アパート[:en]11 minutes walk from TX Line 7168万円 1R
    足立区 南花畑3

※If there is a difference in the Property Listed content and current state will do with the priority the present situation.

Contact information

Japan Real Estate Bazaar Co., Ltd.
Dai105arai Bld.1F, Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0035, Japan
TEL 03-3845-4652 FAX 03-3843-0196
Business hours 10:00 to 18:00
The license number: Tokyo Governor (2) 87744th

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