Introducing campaign

★100,000 yen refund★Introducing campaign★

★ If there is a person who would like to buy person★ he’d like to sell for an acquaintance, by all means, please introduce to us! Refund makes 100,000 yen you as a referral fee at the time of agreement.
*But, only when an introducer bought a property at more than 10,000,000 yen and paid regular broker’s commission with the case we bought directly from an introducer, it’ll be application.

I’ll introduce much, make a profit together and benefit from it!

During buy property recruitment!

We’re recruiting the sales support company and everybody of an investor.
The sales support company is looking for. I’m waiting for hot property information. Everybody of the investor who takes an interest in a real estate investment is looking for.

Isn’t real estate business performed with us!