Selling and Buying Tips (TO MORE OBTAINED)

You’ll propose a real estate to the person who plans to pay in kind or sell by succession from now on. When it’s sold for lumping, it consists of the market price quite inexpensively, and there are some real estates and the case which has to consider to dispose at the same time.

The way to sell a real estate more highly.

When you can sell even a little highly, it’s HAPPY, isn’t it?
If a real estate can be divided and sold, you can think it can be sold highly more than it’s sold for lumping, right?
But they’re a license of real estate company and the one which can’t be partitioned and sold when I don’t have it, in this case.
So- – – –

1.It’s sold for a joint enterprise with us.

summary_02.gifWhen making it a case as a joint enterprise with us, it’ll be possible that division sells a real estate surely, and it can be sold even a little highly.

2.Buy Land for houses built for sale.

summary_03.gifWouldn’t the person who has a bankroll much like to buy the house built for sale site we get at the way it’ll be expected to do real estate purchase of from now on again?
It’s possible to sell division, and it’ll be, and a real estate can be sold even a little highly.

Make the part of the land your residence, and house built for sale sale of land in lots sell remaining land by our joint enterprise, and let’s benefit from it together.

3.We do a suggestion according to the situation.

(1) Suggestion of land utilization in small vacant land and idle land
(2) Such as renting a space tenant to a photography site of a movie and a television, rebuilding in the trunk room and making it profit space, I’ll propose effective use in empty space.

I’ll propose effective utilization in a real estate and utilization, so please inquire about it any time!