Privacy Policy

1. Definition of personal information

The information by which the name, the address, the telephone number and occupation are related to personal specification.

2. The merit of the personal information

We’ll inquire, set up the form and the member registration form and acquire personal information by legitimacy and the just means.

3. Use of personal information

The personal information we acquired, on following job performance, I’ll use it.
* The goods we treat and offer of service
* The goods we treat and guide of service
* The goods we treat and correspondence to a question about service
* The goods we treat and improvement of service

4. Common use of personal information

After appropriate management guides in the personal information we acquired, it’s sometimes used jointly in following area.
* Our affiliated company
* Trust destination of our business

5. Offer to a third person and elucidation of personal information

We won’t offer to a third person and elucidate acquired personal information except for a relevant case in the following.
* The occasion with one’s own agreement
* When there is need for protection of the life of the person, a body and goods, and it’s difficult to get one’s own consent.
* The occasion based on the decree

6. Management of personal information

We’ll manage acquired personal information safely. For unjust access and leak prevention to acquired personal information, we make an effort toward maintenance of security in our website.

7. Question to a personal information protection policy

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