Home Selling Tips

You are worried and want to sell even a little higher. It’s actually there is such sales methods! ! I will tell you three of the secret to the resulting in the sale of real estate!

1.It is obtained at an early sale!


This website Management Company: Japan Real Estate Bazaar Co., Ltd. is to assess the direct free, we will purchase. Brokerage commission is 0 yen.

“How to sell quickly,” “If you want to dispose of confidential”
“If you are wondering to payment in kind of the real estate in the inheritance.”
“If you are thinking the sale of real estate in the divorce.”
It is recommended to “those who are concerned to become auction”.
We will make every effort to be able to purchase in was in the asking price.

2.It is obtained in profits!

If Tara lower the purchase presented amount of the Japanese real estate Bazaar Co., Ltd., and reduction of the 50 percent of the net income at the time of our re-sale to the seller like.
Net income = resale conclusion of a contract amount of money ※ – (expenses + overhead costs at the time of sale at the time of the purchase price + acquisition)

Of course ① time of sale of real estate purchase is Agency Fee: 0 yen
     ② advertising expenses at the time of re-sale will be borne by the Company.

There is a benefit reduction system in the purchase guarantee system that part of the major real estate company is implementing, but because also deducted selling expenses such as advertising fee, there is no profit, seems to be found in many cases that can not be reduced.

We are confident, revived beautifully real estate that had been your own, you have a unique know-how that can be sold at the time of re-sale as profitable.

Please leave us in peace.

3.It is obtained at auction!

If you consider the sale at an early highs, it will introduce the general purchaser in excess of our purchase presentation amount.

Company will have a lot of customers, such as good funds contents investors.
That people are thinking of buying cheaply even a little than the market price distribution.

To members of the general user, such as want to buy cheap, we will introduce your real estate in the auction format.

Can be increased sale even a little, I will do my best to delight!